This e-book is not a regular book with written words. It contains powerful content that is made into 30 videos that are all about our transformation. While sitting together and having conversations we asked each other the most basic and profound questions that we as ‘humans’ wonder about. This book  is an opportunity to watch how we open up to our emotions and allow resonance to be the guide and give us answers to all our questions. We are not here to give you the answer. We are here to give you an opportunity to have an insight and realize that you had the answers within the whole time. You couldn’t recognize the answer without having it inside of you to begin with.

This book is not meant to be watched all at once. It is a gradual process of questioning your consciousness and decisions in where you will go on an inner journey through exploring yourself. When you feel strong resonance we suggest that you stop and allow that powerful feeling to take you further into the depth of your being. Through your permission this book will take you on a journey where more of your true self will emerge by starting with the most basic concepts of the human experience. This book is a deep comprehensive overview of the information that we are receiving from spirit.




~Sample Video~

Table Of Contents (30 videos)

1. How Can Everything Be One With Me While I Am Perceiving Separation
2. Is Everything Random Or Should I Consider Everything As A Message
3. How Can I Use The Fear From Others To Transform The Fear I Have Inside Myself
4. How Do I Allow Spirit To Flow Through Me
5. How Can I Be Selfish and Benefit Everyone at the Same Time
6. Why Do I Have An Ego
7. How Do I Let Go Of Judgement For Myself And Others
8. Why Do I Judge People By Their Looks
9. Why Do I Have the Need To Fit In
10. How Do I know What Is My Destiny
10. Pt.2 Does Divine Timing Mean I Only Have One Chance In Life
11. Why Am I afraid To Show My Emotions In Society
12. Why Am I Not Happy ALL The Time
13. Why Is It Hard For Me To Surrender To Spirit
14. Why Cant I Relate With Friends Anymore
15. Why Does Spirit Force Me To Do Things
16. How is My Hunger and The Food I Eat Connected To Mother Earth And My Expansion
16. Pt.2 How Is Earth Contributing To My Expansion Feeding Me Fruits & Vegetables
16. Pt.3 Why Am I Addicted To Food
17. How Does The Acceptance Of Other Peoples Anger Allow Me To See My Greatness
18. How Do I Tell The Difference Between My Imagination And A Vision
19. Why Do I Use Friends & Family For My Benefit
20. Why Do I Feel Sex Is Not Fulfilling To Me
21. What is The Core Of ALL My Problems
22. How Is My Confidence Related To Spirit
23. How Does The Masculine & Feminine Energies Help Each other To Allow Spirit In Their Lives
24. How Do I Transcend The 3rd Dimension
25. How Do I Use My Pride To Allow Spirit To Talk With Me
26. How Do I Feel Fulfilled At The End Of My Day
27. What Is Self Love


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